Tuesday, October 9, 2007

PS3 to PS4?

How isn't true that new release of PS3 will become a PS4. After releasing of the Xbox 360 Elite with the 120 GB hard disk, there's have a lot of rumors regarding to the new PS4 or the 2nd version of PS3.There's no official name in the new version of PS3 called a PS4...

Regarding with the name Sony got the a problem if they named it as PS4 since in the Japanese, the number four (“shi” in japanese) also means death. They give a lot of attention by giving name of the new version of PS3. Japanese consider this number as unlucky number. So that some may give an international name The Sony Galaxy.

The Sony Galaxy will include the four Cell Processors each running at 3.8 Ghz. It also increase their RAM capacities by 4GB of unified/video RAM, to allow the system to display a resolution of 1920x1080p visuals. The console also support the full gamut of television resolution. Sony will also sell hot titles on high-density flash RAM-based game cards the gamers prefer to have a physical copy of their games.

The Sony Galaxy Feature..

-biometri login feature (login button,recognizes up to 100 unique log in players)

-no controllers (sences body movments)

-hover (just sounds cool)

-neon on the inside (so you can see were it is in the dark, also looks cool)

-backwards compatibility

-super quiet

-super fast internet (ps4's own internet, just for ps4 users)

-vitual reality (4D)

-virtual pain (sends pain to your body when hurt, or die, but not so much that you accually get hurt)

-completely wireless (except power cord)

-comes with keyboard, mouse, headset, and a portable HDTV

-huge amounts of memory (at least in the terabites)

-able to update (never need a new console, just gets better)

-multiple cell processers (faster downloads)

-able to hold a charge (can be taken on trips, with out having to charge)

-can come in different colors

But it's not ready for 2008 like other's speculations it should be out in 2012.



Corlock said...

WOW!! a PS4 already? that's too fast for development on this gaming console.

waqas said...

I think sony has some serious problem in choosing and finalizing the name..the name ps4 totally suits a new version.